Monday, May 11, 2009

Seattle Marathon and Reflection

It's coming up and quickly. I signed up to do the Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Seattle June 27th! This last week while in Florida I was only able to run once- so this week I get to nail it hard. I have actually really enjoyed training for this Marathon. Just when I didn't think my body could go any further..somehow it does. I believe at this point it is a mental game. I ran 18 miles just before going to Florida. This week will be the longest I will go before the Marathon. On Friday I will run 20 miles . You would think that I would be dropping all kinds of weight doing this...but NO my body LOVES to hang on to my chub!-But I feel great. I am so blessed to have a healthy body and legs to run with. I love the feel of the pavement under my shoes and the wind in my hair and the sweat on my back. While in Florida I went running one night. I thought to myself "I'm going to go for a nice 6 mile run. I'm here in beautiful Florida, this will be great! So I put on some my I-pod- to Def Leppard (that is great stuff)- I am a 80's closet rocker! I head out and there are frogs and lizards all over the pavement. I have never seen anything like it. We lived in South Carolina, and had lizards and frogs like crazy, but not all over the side walks. So I was really distracted while running trying not to squish anything under my shoes. I jumped over them, screamed when trying not to land on 4 frogs that were in a cluster, dodged them here and there. I was so freaked out. -I was really glad to finish that run! I really try to have a good attitude about things, but that sucked! I know I looked like such a dork! Oh- well! Anyways- I have been so inspired by other friends and family who have challenged themselves in learning and doing new things, relay's, biking, tennis, school , music , photos etc... Thank you for inspiring me! I want to continue to learn and challenge myself. This Marathon is really important to me. I have put so many things on hold in my life for a long, long time and lost sight of who Wendi is! The past 4 months I have been on a journey to learn how to balance my goals, family, friends, church...I'm still figuring it out, but it's so much better! I have really wonderful friends who are talented and I am a better person by just being in your presence. My children I adore- they challenge me and make me better. I get to choose each day what kind of mother I will be! I have so much to learn and so far to go! Lastly but not least, I just have to say how madly in love I am with my husband. I am oozing with love and warmth for him. I'm ALIVE and love it!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Disney World May 2009!

SURPRISE...YOUR GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! Well something like that. Jared and I planned a trip for our family several months ago without telling the kids. So Last Friday I packed all the kids clothes and Saturday morning we woke them up at 4:30 a.m. and told them we were going on a trip but didn't tell them where. Wait...let's back up. Friday night I pulled out TONS of homework that their teachers arranged for me and told the kids it was a homework/popcorn party. The kids couldn't believe all the homework and what in the world- on a Friday night???? Why so much homework? But they were pretty good sports and the just did it. So now fast forward to Saturday. We check in at the Pasco airport and the kids think we are going to spend the day in Seattle...once we get to Seattle we head to our next gate to catch our flight to Orlando. That is when the boys realize we are headed to Florida. Nathan did a little dance and said," I'm so excited, Disney World has the best frozen Lemonade!"- funny stuff. We took Rebecca Hamson along to help with the kids. She was absolutely wonderful and it was great to have an extra set of hands. Jared and I even got out for a dinner date at Narcosee's- that was refreshing to get out for a while without the kids and have some time with my sweetie. My favorite was Universal Studios. I love roller coasters and water rides! The weather was nice and hot! It was a fabulous-fun packed week, now I get to catch up on laundry and the weeds that didn't take vacation!

I'm Back!

So I took a little break from blogging...but thought I should get back to it! Life has been so busy and isn't going to slow down. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to show my good friend Jenne how to make fondant cakes. Did I mention I love to decorate cakes. I'm still learning alot! I love fondant because it's like playing in play dough! So this is what we came up with! It was one of the cutest birthday parties I have ever been to. It was for her 4 year old daughter. Jenne is amazing and creative! She captured this picture of Lilly and I. Lilly loved the butterfly wings!