Monday, November 17, 2008

Brendon Turn's 11!!!!!

Happy Birthday Brendon! Brendon kind of had a yucky birthday. He was sick, fever, and sore throat. So He slept most of the day. We celebrated that evening though with chocolate cake his favorite and ice cream. Eric and Tarina came over with their kids and Grandma Knutson. Thanks to Tarina, Brendon had a cake. With us being out of town for the weekend it made it kind of crazy. Brendon though was so excited about this "rip-stick". That is what he really wanted.

Brendon is such a special kid. He works so hard in school, piano, scouts. He loves soccer, basketball, baseball, skiing, wakeboarding..He's very helpful at home and really looks out for his baby sister and is good to play with his brothers. Oh, one more thing...Brendon loves to flex his muscles. I don't know where this comes from but he's pretty funny. He asked Jared one day, "Dad, did you get your ticket", Jared said, "to what?" , Brendon..."the gun show", then he started flexing. I couldn't help but laugh out loud! I love being your mom Brendon. My treasures are my children!

Family Time!

This weekend trip was so fun. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Hayden Idaho where there is a indoor water park. It's called Tripple Play. Saturday morning we played at the arcade, laser tag, rock climbing, mini golf. Saturday evening we had tickets to the Symphony. We brought Rebecca Hamson along to babysit the 3 younger ones at the hotel. They were happy with pizza, pop and t.v.- We took Devin and Brendon out to dinner at The Onion.-(love this place, Jenne Kissell got me hooked on it!)Thanks Jenne, I can still feel my arteries clogged from the onion rings...ha ha Brendon had a fever and I had been sick all week, so we sat through the first half and then we sat out in the lobby. Brendon slept the rest of the concert. That was kind of a bummer. All in all...a blast.. We are all worn out!

Playing at the indoor waterpark, Hayden, Idaho

These three love to pose! Nathan, Devin and Brendon

Lilly didn't really like the water in her face

Dallin liked the little slides

Jared and Nathan